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There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. At E2, you can look forward to a long and enriching career, job stability, employee appreciation and training opportunities.

If you are looking for a team with an excellent safety record where excellence is valued and performance is rewarded, we welcome you to contact us at <a href=""></a>.


  • "The past five years have been a pleasure working for E2 Industrial Refrigeration. The team assembled is second to none, the company is continually expanding its growth, and the forward-thinking of E2 Industrial Refrigeration ownership is remarkable. There is no other organization I’d rather be employed with."
    Mike F.
  • "I’m proud to work at E2 Industrial Refrigeration. The atmosphere is that of a truly caring work family!"
    Colleen P.
  • "The vision of E2 Industrial Refrigeration is filled with many positive opportunities for success and for new opportunities within the company. I am excited about our future and look forward to many more years here."
    Mary K.
  • "The experiences I have gained at E2 Industrial Refrigeration are irreplaceable and valuable to my career growth. It’s inspiring to work for a company that honestly wants to do right by their customers and their employees. E2 Industrial Refrigeration creates a culture that makes me happy to come to work!"
    Chris S.
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